Top 5 Best Mulching Blades Review In 2021

So what you want to do here is to look for the reasonably priced product from a pretty well-known brand. The most common material for mulch blades is stainless steel. Stainless steel is very durable and has a very long shelf life.

A mulching blade will cut down the grass so finely it won’t bother anyone. This finely cut grass is then thrown over the now trimmed grass as fertilizer. As it’s in the middle of high and low lift blades, this is the ideal option for larger gardens. It’s stronger than a low lift blade but it does not harshly eat at your yard as a high lift would.

Get To Know Your Lawn Mower Blade Types

Placing these on your mower is extremely easy though nothing can be said for the removal of the previous blades. As a whole, this is an ideal replacement part for a mower. It’s sharp, standard in size, and has the capability to function as both mulcher and a high lift. Even if your lawn mower does use a blade of the same measurement, the sizing and shaping can be different.

Moreover, they have a six-star hole that can comfortably fit a majority of past and present lawn mowers. The blades are 18 ½ inches long, 3 inches wide, and .204 inches thick. However, note that the center hole is round and that means if you have a star adapter, you may need to adjust if you want the blade to fit well. On the other hand, the blade is conveniently easy to install on any mower. The specs on this are 21.68 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 0.15 inches thick.

Oregon 95

On the other hand, the straight profile of regular blades prevents the grass clippings from creating a mess. This way, they’ll be collected into the bag or expelled through the discharge with higher efficiency. If you have considered everything and still cannot come to a decision, then you can always use the mulching lawn mower blades’ brands to differentiate them. Alternatively, you can randomly pick from our list; we can guarantee they’re the best of the best mulching blades in the market.

This is among the most common mulching mower blades on the market. These lawn mower blades are made with natural and authentic material to make them usable for a long time. So you’re not going to have any trouble using your lawn mower with this robust blade. The only thing people didn’t seem to like too much about this replacement mulching blade set is that it’s expensive. However, there are three blades in the package, and the total price pretty much beats the scenario where you intend to purchase them standalone. Due to the presence of more cutting edges and curves on a mulching blade, you can keep the grass clippings rotating within the mower deck instead of scattering around.

Again, we see a large number of lawn mowers this model can be applied to, which is a big refreshment on the market. Stens may be an unknown company to novices, but experts have long had trust in this Australian tools and gardening parts giant. Although some newer companies have been on the scene more in recent years, Stens refuses to be left aside and graces us with one of the best mulching blades in recent history.

When that occurs, a blunted blade can be salvaged by removing it from your mower and sharpening it carefully. Blade length is an important aspect to consider when buying a lawnmower blade. If your blade is too long, it can be difficult to use and could potentially be too long to fit in the blade slot of your lawnmower. If it is too short, however, it will lead to inadequate coverage of your lawn, making it a harder and slower process when attempting to mow your lawn smoothly and thoroughly. Also the customer service was amazing, plus you can’t beat the super fast shipping. Well here’s what a set of gator’s look like after 4 years of being used to drive over sage brush, weeds, rabbits, rocks and anything else the dog drops in front of the mower.

The LawnRAZOR blades have no issues with these and clean up the yard nicely. I’ve had my current ones for 3 seasons and have not had to sharpen or replace them yet. Arguably, this is the most compatible blade with the Husqvarna lawn mowers on this list. So if you happen to own a Husqvarna model, immediately go for this product variant. Although it lacks in length, it makes up for it with its width of 2.5 inches. Also, it comes in a set of six so you can get to save money in the long run.

By taking advantage of the aerodynamic lift created by two parallel blades, you will be able to cut your grass instead of hacking at it. The blades are also made of resilient materials, which deliver one of the longest performances. When we start our guides, we love talking about our top picks.

Set of 3 Gator lawn mower mulching blades for the 54″ deck. This is an important feature to remember when you get replacement lawn mower blades. The mower itself uses bagging to properly function to it is not expected to work with mulching blades. These blades are high to medium lift blades that can toss the clippings of the grass neatly into the bag located in the back of the mower. The best time to use a mulching blade is when the grass is dry and the underside of your mower is clean.

mulching blades review

Having 3 mulching options is also beneficial as some blades work better than others so at least you can experiment when you have 3 different choices. You might buy an after market product at half the price but it will probably only work half as good. If you don’t find a product directly relating to your mower here have a look at any of the manufacturers websites and there’s a good chance you will find it. Jessie is a landscape artist famous among folks in Los Angeles who are obsessed with keeping their lawns pristine and divine. He worked for BrightView Holdings, Inc. back in 2015 and now owns a brick-and-mortar business that offers all kinds of gardening tools and machines.

This ensures that the blade will be replaced if there is an anomaly in the material. The presence of protective paint will help in the non-rusting of the blade. The mulching blade is very convenient to install and cleaning of the mulching blades is very easy.

mulching blades review

These are the questions that’ll set you on track to finding the sturdiest blades out there, the ones that you won’t be replacing after four months of use. All the top brands have this kind of information included, so be wary of blades that don’t. These tiny bits of grass fall to the ground and serve as fertilizer, which will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.

Mulching Vs Bagging Vs. Side Discharge: Which Is Better For Your Lawn?

Oregon MTD gator mulching blades are most popular for commercial and home use. A mulching blade is designed to keep grass offcuts under the deck, as opposed to sending them out immediately. As a result, the blades aren’t as effective in bagging or discharging as regular mowing blades.

Owners of Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan 22-inch mowers will be happy to know that there’s a blade that works just as well as their OEM blades. While sharpening is usually the move, eventually the blades will dull, and need replacement. Speaking of dimensions, the blade is 21 inches long, and it has a width of 2.25 inches, which is pretty standard. They also have two side holes, both of which have 0.36-inch diameters.

Blade Sharpening Tools

The Oregon Gator blades are trusted by many commercial lawn care companies. They are proven to last a long time and give a great cut quality. Ballard Inc has introduced commercial mower blades recently and they seem to be great. There are two different types, the Ripper and Razor blades. These come in many different sizes for almost every commercial brand.

  • However, note that it requires three blades to fit a 54-inch cut and that is why the blades come as a set of 3.
  • Keeping up with a low lift blade is not hard, and they do not consume as much energy as medium or high-powered blades.
  • They offer an increased cutting surface, but make use of an ergonomic design that boosts cutting efficiency by up to 25% over the jagged edge blades.
  • Upon looking at them both side by side, you will notice that the design of a mulching blade is much curvier than a regular one.
  • It is the MTD original equipment part and features a 90 day warranty for any defects.
  • As a mulching blade, it will have to deal with cutting under various conditions.
  • One reviewer said that he had sharpened his old blades so many times that they were becoming unsafe.

However, you can simply delegate this task to a professional — they’ll have the right tools for the job. The thing I like most about these blades is that they’re outstandingly robust. mulching blades review The metal is treated with a unique process that’s called austempering, which improves the toughness by about 20%. This way, the blades will stay razor-sharp for a long time.

The Maxpower X does not require often sharpening like many blades. However, it needs more maintenance than others as it takes a lot due to its high-intensity performance. Generally, you should sharpen or replace your blades every season, or every 20 uses. Assuming you’re sharpening after every season, you should replace your blades every 4 years.

mulching blades review

TheMaxpower Xmodel comprises two 21-inch long mulching lawn mower blades. These offer a total cutting area of 42 inches, which is suitable for commercial mulching or more extensive residential grass cutting. The width of this mower blade is 2.5 inches, which is also ideal for many landscapers.

These blades are designed to cut grass and perform simple lawn tasks. Then you have mulching blades, which are often called 3 in 1 or all purpose blades, as they are designed for mulching, discharging and bagging. These mulching blades have a more curved style and frequently include extra cutting surfaces along the blade edges. It is a commercial-grade mulching lawn mower blades that tackle tough mulching jobs with both grass and leaves. This gator mulching blade has 21 inches wider blades and angles which make a vacuum lift under the deck that gives a superior cutting performance and appearance.


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